Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Millennials When Hiring

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Unlike the generation before them, millennials have no problem job-hopping after working for two to three years at a job. Their resume shows a list of short-lasting job roles that make recruiters and hiring managers doubt them.

However, you shouldn’t think millennials as entitled or fickle; they behave and have different mindsets from the boomers. Here’s why you shouldn’t reject job-hopping millennials at Jobstreet Singapore the next time you hire:

They know how to adapt

Millennials aren’t afraid to be thrown into a new and unfamiliar environment. They’re adaptive, and they’re more likely get on-board quickly in any situation. Millennials value growth, so once they realise there’s nothing more they can learn at a place, they want to move on to another.

If you want to retain a millennial in your company, make sure you offer career growth and training courses for them to develop new skills.

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They like to challenge the status quo

Generation Y will stand for what they believe, and they aren’t afraid to express their ideas. While some people want to avoid conflict, millennials tend to challenge the system. Previous generations might think this behaviour is disrupting, but it’s probably because they are afraid of change.

If you have millennials in your workplace, be open and listen to the new ideas they might present.

They are comfortable taking risks

Job-hopping once every few years indeed says a lot about millennials. It shows they aren’t afraid to leave the nest and take leaps. This attitude could be helpful in work when facing a difficult or risky decision.

Rather than hiring a person that prefers staying in a secure role, it could provide more value to hire a risk-taking millennial.


As time passes, millennials will eventually replace the previous generation in the workforce. There’s no reason to be reluctant to hire millennials. Instead of focusing on their weaknesses, look at their strengths.

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