Why Job Seekers Prefer Using a Recruitment Site


Hiring new people for your company can be a very time-consuming process. Some of the challenges you face include not only on finding the most qualified candidates for the role, but also someone who would fit the company culture as well. As with the rest of the world, a lot of work is now being done online—including the recruitment process by human resource professionals. Job seekers have also now preferred using a jobsite for their next career opportunity. 

Below are some reasons why it is the preferred channel and why you should consider it in your hiring practices.


The biggest factor in using a jobsite is because of the fast and easy process. Everyone is now used to the fact that you can do just about anything online, even for official matters such as paying bills and applying for tourist visas. The application process is easy. Applicants can upload their resume and CV on the website and be informed directly on whether or not they are shortlisted or rejected for a role. Some websites such as Jobstreet, even tells applicants the average processing time for their convenience.


Many companies now do have online applications available directly on their website but what makes using a jobsite different from the perspective of a job seeker is that it is a bigger variety of options to choose from. Because of the competitiveness of the current job market, job applicants need more options in order to increase their chances of getting employed. This makes using a jobsite a much more preferable option for job seekers.


A Glimpse Into the Company

With a jobsite, job seekers are able to read genuine reviews about your company left by former or current employees. This helps give them some insight into the company culture to see whether it is a good fit for them. Besides that, some additional information such as company benefits, size and working hours are also displayed for their consideration


If you’re looking into smarter ways to make the hiring process more efficient, consider using a jobsite or an online recruitment site to reach out to a wider pool of job applicants. As it is one of the most preferred channels by job seekers, your company might benefit from using this method to find new talents.

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