Vivo Nex: Everything you need to know

The Vivo Nex has finally arrived in Malaysia, and it is one of the first smartphones with no notch at all. The Vivo Nex feels refreshing and futuristic. To achieve this, Vivo placed the selfie camera into an elevating mechanism on the top left corner of the phone, and it put the fingerprint scanner under the display.


Here’s everything you need to know about the fantastic Vivo Nex!


Design and display

Vivo Nex has the most prominent display ever on a Vivo device, with a 6.59-inch AMOLED Ultra Full View display that supports a Full HD+ resolution. Vivo Nex is a true all-screen front; there’s no notch and no visible speakers or camera. The device is well-built, and like many of today’s flagship smartphones, it features a blend of metal and glass with curved edges.


Specs and features

The Vivo Nex has top-end flagship specs. Inside the Vivo Nex, there’s a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. If you love playing 3D games, then you’re going to love this device and every frame of the SoC and GPU. Vivo Nex includes a 256GB of storage in the phone; it is more than enough for you.



The Vivo Nex dual-lens camera uses a 12MP lens and another one with 5MP. It has an aperture of f/1.8 + 5MP f/2.4. The camera can optimize its settings to the best shot when you’re taking a picture of a particular object. The Vivo Nex has features like beauty mode and panoramas as well.


The front camera is where things get interesting. It is a pop-up selfie camera that is in the top left corner of the device. Once you select selfie mode, the little camera at the top left edge will automatically pop up so you can take your shot. If you switch back to the rear camera or exit the camera app, it will then automatically drop back down in 2 seconds.

Vivo Nex

In-display fingerprint

As seen on the Vivo X20 UD and Vivo X21 UD, the Vivo Nex has an in-display fingerprint scan as well. The in-display fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your phone by scanning your finger on the screen. Vivo is the first ever smartphone manufacturer to include this feature in its smartphones.



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