Many people dream of being able to work from home, of course with a variety of reasons such as time freedom and a more relaxed atmosphere. In fact, undeniable routines from leaving work, spending the day in the office and returning home is an unpleasant and exhausting activity. But, there are pros and cons for you who are planning to work at home.

As a freelancer, you get a choice of work at cafe, home or even rent a coworking space. While working at home is certainly more cost-effective, comfortable and fun, working in cafes and coworking space will certainly make you have to spend less for your rental.

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The abundance of freelancing systems makes the office space more lenient today as well as the growing number of workers living in the home or spending time in a cafe or coworking space. However, before you decide to choose to work from home, first look at the following article. Well, here’s the pros and cons!

Advantages of working remotely

  • One of the most enjoyable offers for a freelancer is the convenience of working remotely to stay on time with family at home, especially for those who already have a family or a baby.
  • You can set your own schedule and even you can work from home if you are sick without having to spread the virus in the office.
  • Inspiration is what you will get if you work in coworking space. Looking at different people, different things from different places can be one of the ingredients to seek inspiration.

Disadvantages of working remotely

  • Interruptions from the baby or interference from other members of the home become one of the contra or inconveniences that may be found at home, unless you have your own office room to avoid being disturbed when important things to do. Working from home may not be well recommended for those who have no self-perseverance.
  • Laziness must be the greatest challenge. Since your work is just in the room environment, it’s not impossible for you to do all of that task and responsibility from the mattress. Legitimate, but what is the maximum?
  • If you are still a novice worker, you can try out various daily coworking space offers with a great selection of prices depending on the location. Unfortunately, not all coworking space locations open for daily memberships. If so, sometimes you have to find another alternative if the daily membership is full on that day. Moreover, some coworking space have limited working hours following the office hours of operation. If you are new or inspired at night, that should be considered.
  • You may have to go back and forth for a particular meeting. Technical support may be more difficult. Collaboration with colleagues may be less fluent and will be a challenge.


In the final analysis, you need to decide for yourself if ultimately the pros is greater than the cons. For many, setting their own schedules and working from home is a dream lifestyle. The fact is, many companies have increased productivity between 10 and 35 percent when their employees work from home.

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