Insurance policy can provide financial aid in the event of any losses, including earnings loss. A lot of the significant for those who have a household or dependents, as it could decrease financial pressure throughout unfortunate circumstances. As one of the top insurance carriers in Malaysia, AIG Malaysia might help fulfil the necessary insurance plan requirements including travel insurance, which consists of versatile and wide-ranging guidelines.

There are four key insurance coverage that each person needs of their lives- home, car, travel, and personal accident insurance. AIG Malaysia provides policies for all of these instances, so that you can just be sure you are covered from all of the angles. No matter where you might be in life, consider getting insurance coverage with AIG. Travel Insurance policies at AIG Malaysia can cover your healthcare expenditures or trip cancellations both for local and overseas travel. There’s also a special policy for students going overseas to study, so you can pursue your educational goals without having to be held back by the anxiety about the unforeseen.

AIG Malaysia

In terms of way of life and maintaining your personal space risk-free, AIG offers Home Insurance for your house as well as contents. We are able to offer coverage for disasters, subject to terms and conditions. With AIG, you will certainly be protected regarding fire, theft, armed robbery, as well as other such misfortunes.

Do you use your car as the main mode of transporting? Consider getting vehicles insurance with AIG, and protect the car against theft, fire, and much more. In addition to a thorough protection coverage, there are a selection of add-on coverages to help make the plan a lot more air-tight, and can help extend any selected coverage.

Personal Accident Insurance policy is important in the event of sudden and unpredicted incidents. AIG provides 6 different basic plans including travel insurance to match your individual needs, as well as add-on benefits like daily hospital income and medical expense reimbursements. This plan is also an annual coverage product. Discover more about the options available at

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