RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Many Other Services

To this point, RHB Bank is considered the main player in the Malaysian finance and banking industry. Progressing to grow the horizon within the South East Asia region, they have laid their foundation in countries which include Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, and Singapore. In guaranteeing that the organization is scalable, RHB Joy@Work brought out lots of banking services to business organizations and individuals for personal and commercial needs.

Probably the most common yet important services on the market to individuals are deposit account and self-banking services. With competitive interest rate and availability of CDM & ATM in the branches together with other strategic locations everywhere in Malaysia, account holders can take advantage of maximum savings return while at the same time have access to their bank account for deposit and withdrawal quite easily anytime.

Not only that, but RHB also adopts digital transformation and has observed that it triggered an increasing demand from customers for credit cards. As studies show that more people are inclined to shop and perform online transactions nowadays, RHB Bank has made it practical for consumers to apply for credit cards online. The Bank is at ease with its offering that they even urge potential customers to compare credit card interest rates before making any commitment.


Furthermore, as the Bank sees the immediate need to formulate a good symmetry between demand and supply, they have developed a credit card scheme that promises an extra benefit to the cardholders that will be enjoyed as they start to use it for either offline or online transactions.

Individuals will inevitably require more than credit cards and saving accounts, and RHB knows that well. At this time, many have struggled to get a loan to acquire assets that include homes & cars. Thus, the Bank started to create a loan plan that benefits either side at the lowest interest rate for many different loan types. Besides, individuals may be able to subscribe to many types of insurance policies and make financial investments together with the Bank.

For organizations and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are additionally offered. They may take a business loan or just connect with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Intending to make certain that their services are one of the best, RHB besides has offered online cash management and asset management services.

Small-medium enterprises are one of those who’ll benefit from the most benefits. They’re welcomed to get loans should capital injection becomes necessary as they start to scale their businesses. Besides, RHB Bank even offers retails solutions to the appropriate customers, in particular those in e-commerce business.

Then again, RHB Bank hasn’t overlooked the demand for Islamic banking facilities. In Malaysia, Syariah-compliant products and services are highly demanded. Therefore, products or services which include wealth management, unit trust, Islamic treasury, and corporate banking are specially formulated to guarantee that all business transactions adhere to the Syariah requirement.

A tremendous 24 annual brand value growth has already been seen by the Bank in 2016, which places them as one of the 5 best domestic banking players. Seeing the long term market growth potential, RHB Joy@Work has equipped itself with more rigorous and efficient tactics to further boost its value and share of the market in the long run.

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