If You Love Food, You’ll Love These YouTube Channels!

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Food and cooking is a league of its own on YouTube. From humble recipes from blogging mothers to food adventures by travellers to celebrity chefs cooking their signature dishes, these channels are gaining in popularity all over the world.

With an unlimited data plan, you can watch someone baking the biggest cheesecake whenever and wherever you want. Interested? Here are some YouTube channels for you to check out if you’re a big foodie!

Bon Appetit

This channel is one of the fastest-growing food channels on the site. Officially, it is the Conde Nast magazine’s YouTube channel, so it features food editors cooking recipes that are developed by experts. However, their unique lineup of series features them exploring fermentation techniques and making ‘gourmet’ version of famous confectionaries like KitKat and Pocky!

The other reason why it has grown so much is the food editors themselves. With their sharp wit, good dynamics and amazing food taste, the Bon Appetit personalities have garnered such a big following on the internet!

What’s Eating Dan?

What’s Eating Dan? is not exactly a YouTube channel. It’s an ongoing series under the America’s Test Kitchen channel, but this is for foodies who are interested in the science and mechanics of gastronomy.

Featuring Dan Souza, he explores what makes basic ingredients such as egg yolks and garlic taste so great in our food. He researches and explores these elements so thoroughly, it’ll leave you impressed! From the chemical compounds to new techniques based on science, this series is meant for the food nerd in you.

Peaceful Cuisine 

Ryoya Takashima makes food to calm and soothe you. His video features close-ups to him making food as well as crisp and satisfying sounds of cooking. The whole process is calm and captured by cameras for you to enjoy after a long, stressful day. The food is always the star of these videos, and there’s something so magical seeing him turning milk into ice cream so gracefully and serenely. This channel is perfect for winding down before bed!


These YouTube channels are worthwhile additions to your subscription list, even if you don’t always watch food videos regularly. They’re interesting and informational enough that you could watch it on your commute or even at home. An unlimited data plan enables you to do this! Learn more about how you could get that here https://www.digi.com.my/shop/postpaid-plans#digi-postpaid-infinite