Prior to when the inception of latest medicine, the Chinese traditional practitioners discovered a key to a health and wellbeing, which is a perfect oxygen and blood flow. Whilst the concept had become been shown to be true, Ebene was established to sell items which adopts this concept with their consumers’ benefit. Its products include compression socks, knee guard, wrist guards and more.

Ebene’s products are made in by incorporating of the highest quality technologies you can aquire that promote better flow of blood. One of this is basically the Bio-Ray, a man made infrared technology formed by minerals that may emit energy into the flesh and bone to reinforce blood flow, boost the oxygen supply, and burn calories.


Knee Guard

Ebene’s outstanding item is the knee guard. There are lots of types to choose between, Bio-Ray extra strength knee guard, knee guard with Bio-Ray & Tourmaline, and consequently knee guard with metal support. The product’s exceptionally well suited for the elders, those who find themselves active in sports, even more.

The equipment includes an adjustable strap, that will help to provide maximum comfort for its user no matter what the bodily proportions because they’re free to readjust accordingly. When used regularly, Ebene knee guard will help reduce inflammation and swelling by promoting better circulation in to the knee.


Ankle Guard

Ebene also has an ideal answer to people looking for an ankle support product. The fact remains especially for individuals who often experience pain or strains in the area by reason of intense feet movement. However, as non-movement can even cause strain, the goods may well also be worn to control that difficulty.


Compression Socks


Compression Socks

For those who regularly possess a stressed leg that creates discomfort and numbness, consider Ebene’s compression socks. The socks will help to warm your feet once worn, yet still time the minerals that come with it will transmit energy to give your feet exactly the same benefit as getting a foot massage.

Ebene’s foot massage sock is undoubtedly the best versatile product the company has. This is for the fact that it can also be worn by anyone from all walks of life in any function! Whether you are going on a long drive or sit around in the workplace completing reports, Ebene’s compression sock is the perfect companion.



Ebene’s product selection are not just restricted to these featured items, given that they also provide health gloves, wrist guard, and a lot more in store. Plus, no one knows what’s more coming our way; back support products perhaps? Well, you can also check out Ebene Malaysia’s official website anytime to remain up to date.

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