4 Uses of the Front-facing Camera

vivo v15

Before there was the front-facing camera, taking photos of yourself wasn’t easy. You had to either ask someone else to help you, put your camera on a tripod and set the timer or hold your camera in an awkward angle if you can’t get any help. That means there was a lot of trial and error, and you’ll never know the results immediately.

However, things changed when the front-facing camera was introduced. The selfie culture was born and soon every smartphone camera came with a front-facing camera. For example, the Vivo V15 has an elevating front camera.

Some people may think these front cameras are only good for taking pictures, but there are other benefits to it. Scroll down to find out what else can front-facing cameras do:

Video calls

When hearing the voices of your loved ones through a call isn’t enough, you can now make video calls thanks to the front-facing camera. Even when if you’re worlds apart from your family or friends, with just a connection to the internet and a front-facing camera, both of you can share a moment and see how each other’s doing.

vivo v15

Fancy filters

Social media app Snapchat took the world by storm when their face filters became popular. All you had to do is switch on your front-facing camera, apply a filter, and now you have rainbows pouring out of your mouth. Since then, almost all social media apps have their versions of filters, but all of them work best with a front camera.


Many travellers and social media influencers share their lives and their journeys through vlogs. When you don’t have a full camera crew there to capture your every move, a front-facing camera will have to do. Besides the front cameras, many vloggers also use the selfie stick.


Need to check your appearance but there’s no mirror nearby? Just turn on your front-facing camera and you’re good to go! Having the front camera is handy when you need to make last-minute checks on your looks before an important interview or date.


Although the quality of most front-facing cameras isn’t as good as rear cameras, you can’t deny their convenience and benefits. You won’t see the front cameras going anywhere soon.

The Vivo V15 has a front elevating camera so you can get a truly, bezel-less experience. Visit https://www.vivo.com/my/products/v15 to get one now.